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No hidden charges

Just when you thought only the shonky bait and switch companies hike the price on arrival… WRONG!, THEY ALL DO IT!

Even the so called more reputable and expensive companies jack up prices. We give you the piece of mind of a FIXED GUARANTEED PRICE.

Our price will only change when the specifications of the job changes, we guarantee it.

Carpet cleaning prices

No gimmicks; no hidden charges – just the best carpet cleaning deals in Sydney!

Sometimes it takes a little more than elbow grease and generic supermarket products to remove those unsightly stains and spots on your carpet. Clean up red wine, coffee, food, vomit, pet urine and many other problem stains with the best value carpet cleaning service in Sydney.

Metro Carpet Cleaning offers affordable carpet cleaning deals your home or office. Whether you have experienced carpet water damage, need your tiles and grout cleaned, or want to restore the quality of your carpets, trust Sydney's best steam clean deals and prices.

Please see below for a full list of our competitive carpet cleaning prices.

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Metro Carpet Cleaning prices

Soiling and Staining Conditions >>
Price Per Room (EMPTY)
Bedroom (Up to 12m2)30.0035.0045.00
Hallway / Corridor (Up to 12m2)30.0035.0040.00
Lounge Room60.0070.0090.00
Dining Room40.0050.0060.00
Flight of Stairs40.0045.0055.00
Price Per Room (FURNISHED)
Bedroom (Up to 12m2)35.0045.0055.00
Hallway / Corridor (Up to 12m2)30.0035.0045.00
Lounge Room70.0075.0085.00
Dining Room50.0065.0075.00
Flight of Stairs40.0045.0055.00
* Gold Standard 6 Stage Cleaning System

Please Note: We also have an Industrial cleaning process for extremely heavy stained and soiled carpet condition. This will require a dual multi-stage process for maximum cleaning result. Price for this service will be determined on the cleaner's arrival. Our minimum charge for Gold Standard is $105.00.

Commercial & office cleaning prices

Soiling and Staining Conditions >>
Up to 300m23.00/m23.50/m24.50/m2

Rugs & mats prices

Between $35.00 and $45.00 depending on size

Persian and Oriental Rugs – POA

Lounge suite cleaning

1 Seater or armchair35.00
2 Seater70.00
2.5 Seater100.00
3 Seater105.00
3.5 Seater125.00
4 Seater140.00
4.5 Seater160.00
5 Seater175.00
Extra Seats35.00
Lounge Protection (per seat)25.00

Leather lounge suite cleaning & protection

1 Seater or armchair49.00
2 Seater100.00
2.5 Seater125.50
3 Seater155.00
3.5 Seater180.00
4 Seater210.00
4.5 Seater235.00
5 Seater265.00
Extra Seats49.00

Tile, grout, marble & stone cleaning pricing

Cleaning tiles and grout8.50/m2
Sealing of tiles and grout11.50/m2
Marble and stone surfacesPOA

Flood & water damage restoration prices

Call out fee and installation of drying equipment up to 30 minutes135.00
Hire of carpet dryers / airmovers (per day)49.00
Hire of dehumidifiers (per day)99.50
Relaying of carpetCarpet layer's fee
Carpet cleaning and completion of drying (minimum charge $105)2.50/m2
Anti fungal and browning treatment (minimum charge $50)3.50/m2
Labour charges to remove furniture / carpet disposal (per hour)95.00
After hours call out fee (6pm to 6am)100.00
Call out fee to move drying equipment / check drying process55.00

Mould removal

Extensive initial report300 +GST
Mould Removal ProcessPricing available by quotation

Products & spotters

Spot Remover (including delivery) $25.00

Urine & odour treatments

Carpet (per room)9.00
Lounges (per room)9.00

Dust mite treatments

Carpet (per room)9.00
Lounges (per room)9.00

Notes on our services

  1. Prices include GST
  2. Prices for carpet cleaning are for Dry or Steam Cleaning.
  3. Lounge / Dining room is considered as 2 rooms.
  4. An average size room is calculated at 12m2.
  5. A corridor or hallway is charged as an separate room.
  6. Our minimum charge is $100.00.
  7. Our minimum charge for tile cleaning is $200.
  8. Any complaints must be lodged within 48 hours of job completion.


All prices are quoted on the basis that either rooms are empty or no furniture is to be moved. Moving furniture will incur additional fee of $5 per room.

All rooms must be pre-vacuumed before technician arrives otherwise a $10 charge per room will be added to invoice for vacuuming.

If access requires the carrying of equipment an additional $25 fee will apply if carrying of equipment exceeds 2 flights of stairs.

All carpets are cleaned by Australian Standard AS3775 1995.

Normal spot and stain removal is included in our cleaning price and process. If at completion of work there are stains that cannot be removed, then the technician will discuss extra treatments that may be applicable to removing these stains. Wear and tear and traffic lane grey cannot be rectified by any type of heavy duty carpet steam or dry cleaning.

Please note that all technicians will endeavour to remove the maximum amount of spotting or staining during the cleaning process, but no guarantees will be given on complete stain removal.

Please ensure parking is available for the technician, otherwise any parking fees will be added to the final invoice price.

$35 cancellation applies if booking is missed or cancelled on the day.

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