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Dust Mite Mattress Cleaning & Treatment

Dust mite mattress cleaning & treatment

Anti allergen and dust mite control are the most effective treatments available when it comes to the eradication of allergy related symptoms from mattresses, carpets, soft furnishings, rugs and upholstery affected by dust mites and their droppings.

They can be especially prevalent in mattresses and soft furnishing where we spend longer periods of time for the shedding of skin flakes from our bodies compared to other areas of the home.

Dust mites actually survive by eating the skin dust flakes which are shed by our own skin and while eating this skin dust they leave behind faeces or droppings which contain enzymes that assist them in digesting this skin.

It is these very enzymes which can cause asthmatics to have reactions and in many sensitive people allergy related symptoms including in just recent studies some forms of eczema. This is especially prevalent in babies and young children who spend a lot of time on mattresses and carpeted floor.

While reading all this is probably making your skin crawl, you can rest assured that Metro Carpet Cleaning Sydney has a highly effective anti-allergen & dust mite treatment that can solve some of the most severe cases.

Give us a call to discuss the best treatment for you and your family.

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