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Pet Urine Treatment

Pet urine treatment & de-contamination treatment

Pet urine can contaminate and also be detrimental to your carpet pile, backings and underlay by causing delamination and rot due to seepage through of pet fluids that stay in carpet for extended periods of time.

Sub floors are also affected in many cases and households can carry an awful mal odour and extremely harsh smell that many pet urine affected areas let off due to some pets being territorial and spraying in the same area on a constant basis.

The amount of staining and odour level depend on a number of factors including the age, health, dietary habits and sex of the pet.

Metro Carpet Cleaning Sydney offer a highly effective topical solution treatment to your pet urine problem and carry a range of high quality safe products that can eliminate some of the worst odours.

Before giving up and throwing out your carpet and underlay give us a call.

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