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Water Damage Carpet Clean

Water damage carpet clean

For water damaged carpet you want our expert Sydney team working to fix what they can, as soon as possible.

The hazards that come with carpet water damage are extensive. Replacement of your carpet, if the flooded area is not attended to in a prompt enough fashion, will be an expensive enough undertaking, but water damaged carpet can also be harmful to your health and the health of anyone else living in your Sydney home or building.

Multiple health problems can arise from breathing in the mould and bacteria that begins flourishing after a carpet flood. So whether your dishwasher or washing machine leaked, toilet backed up, your roof leaked through or however your carpet flooded, for the best emergency water damage carpet cleaning services call the Sydney carpet cleaning experts – Metro.

Emergency flood & water damage carpet cleaning and restoration work could involve the following:

  • Applying sanitiser solution to prevent mould, mildew and kill bacteria and viruses that will occur in flood incidents
  • Extraction of flood water
  • Removal of contents where necessary if deemed to be beyond restoration
  • Moisture testing to determine the amount of moisture content in the building structure and in the air to calculate humidity
  • Installation of drying equipment such as air-movers and dehumidifiers
  • There is no quick and easy carpet water fix for all situations. Each flooding case must be considered on a case by case basis.

During the emergency flood & water damage restoration / repair work, a detailed assessment of the carpets water damage will be undertaken by our carpet cleaners to assess restoration possibilities for your Sydney home.

The extent or amount of work performed will depend upon the extent of the carpet flooding.

Any time a flood occurs in a property, a drying program will be instituted to ensure a full and complete restoration and repair process is accomplished. There is always potential for further water damage to carpet, floors and walls away from the spill, therefore the technician will meet with you and arrange a schedule to regularly monitor the drying process.

It is important that the drying equipment installed is used as instructed by qualified water damage carpet cleaners, as the longer the equipment is allowed to stay on, the faster the drying time.

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Water damaged carpet

Taking moisture reading, installing fans

and drying water damaged carpet

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