Will the cleaning damage or destroy the stain protection on my carpet?

NO, Metro Carpet Cleaning do not use any harsh alkaline pre-sprays that can strip away the protective coating on stain resistant and stain treated carpets. BEWARE! a lot of carpet cleaners promising miraculous results during cleaning often use harsh Alkaline pre sprays that can do more than just strip away the protection on your carpet.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

At least every 12 months – it has actually been proven that carpets that are periodically cleaned and protected have a longer life span and durability than carpets that are cleaned less frequently.

Will all the stains come out?

Depending on how much time the stain has had to set in the carpet. If a stain is relatively new it can be much easier to lift than a stain that has had plenty of time to sit and set in the carpet. Metro Carpet Cleaning has a wide range of stain removal solutions and specialized stain removal systems that can help lift some of the most difficult staining.

Is it safe for kids, babies and pets?

Yes. Metro Carpet Cleaning uses one of the most effective, healthy, safe and non-toxic carpet cleaning system available today.

How soon can I walk on the carpet after it is cleaned?

Carpets cleaned using the dry clean method can be walked on within 1 hour of completed cleaning. Some areas that we clean at the beginning of the cleaning process can even be walked on straight away! when we complete our work.

Does the same drying times apply to upholstery and lounge cleaning?

Yes, Our advanced upholstery cleaning equipment lifts twice the amount of soiling using a third of the amount of water most other systems use, promoting very fast fabric drying times. Our solution lifts and suspends all the soiling from your fabric for extraction without over-wetting and damaging the fabric.

How often should I have my carpets protected?

At least every 3 years to maximize the long term durability of your carpet. With consistent periodical cleaning and protection your carpets life span and overall appearance will be at least double that of any carpet that is less frequently maintained.

How often should I protect my upholstery?

At least every 2 to 3 years, depending on the wear factor of your fabric. Factors include children, pets if the upholstery is in a commercial practice or premises and is susceptible to heavy wear or staining or even its exposure to dust or microbials.

Will it take off any of the protection and stain resistance on my lounge?

No, All the upholstery solutions Metro Carpet Cleaning use are non-alkaline based, which compliment the cleaning process on protected lounges during cleaning and actually work in conjunction with the protection already on the fabric to clean even more effectively rather than using harsh pre-sprays that not just clean the fabric but strip away the protection at the same time.

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