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Mould Removal

Mould removal

Mycotoxins found in settled and colonised mould spores have a negative effect on the health of occupants in many households and workplaces. It is important that when discovered, the isolation, containment and remediation of mould contaminated areas be treated as soon as possible, to avoid not only the risk of further contamination but also to avoid the risk of cross contamination into other unaffected areas, leading to larger more costly remediation possibilities.

Metro is skilled in not only the containment and remediation of any mould affected areas, but also more comprehensive reporting, testing, sampling and final clearance of treated areas.

A few examples of other services included as part of a more extensive causation report and scope are:

  • Quote to cosmetically address the mould affected surfaces and/or contents
  • Quote on the scope of works provided where a certified, independent hygienist and causation expert have previously been engaged
  • Visual assessment of Landscape/Drainage (Where Applicable)
  • Visual assessment of Roof Covering  (Where Applicable)
  • Visual assessment of Sub-Floor Conditions  (Where Applicable)
  • Visual assessment to what extent there is mould growth internally; including all ceilings, walls, woodwork/trim, wardrobes, floor coverings, furniture and contents
  • Relative moisture readings to all ceilings, walls and floors to identify the source; including use of thermal imaging which is exclusive to eco-mould solutions (Where Applicable)
  • Relative humidity readings to living space
  • Relative humidity readings to sub-floor space (Where Applicable)
  • Recommendations that include short to long term solutions for remedial works, treatment and any environmental management measures necessary
  • Conduct moisture mapping and data recording throughout the building envelope
  • Conduct sampling and monitoring of Internal Air Quality (IAQ) indicators throughout the building’s breathing zone (Approx. 10 – 12 Locations)
  • Conduct baseline monitoring and sampling of the outdoor environment
  • Presentation of the data collected from the assessment
  • Provide remediation recommendations based on the collected data results including where remediation is necessary to be undertaken and where it is not
  • Establish a scope of works to remove the contamination issue
  • Definitively identify the causes of water ingress or water permeation to the building envelope which is aligned with the Comprehensive Indoor air Quality Assessment as listed above
  • Establish scope of works to remove or limit the moisture issue
  • Dry Ice Blasting (If Required)

Containment of contaminated areas

Set up of negative air pressure

HEPA Vac of contaminated wall

As all mould contaminated premises are different, there is no set pricing available, however we can tailor an individual extensive initial report that will assist in the primary identification of contamination and provide a remediation scope of works process required for $350.00 + GST.

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