Are dust mites worse in winter?

Are dust mites worse in winter

Some people believe that just like pollen, dust mites are worse in spring. So they breathe a sigh of relief thinking that their days of suffering are over for another year. Well, that isn’t necessarily true, because dust mites can be just as bad in winter as at any other time of the year.

Since dust mites can live and breed just about anywhere in your home. Once their numbers start to increase, they can be a big problem for suffers, particularly asthmatics.

Dust mites love living in your furnishing, for example the carpets, curtains, cushions, pillows and mattresses in your home. They also love high humidity. So if you use a humidifier to reduce the dry air in your home, it might be one reason why you aren’t receiving the relief you anticipated.

What else can cause allergies indoors during winter?

There are two other problems that you need to deal with during winter and these are moulds and pet dander.


Mould tends to grow and breed in kitchens and bathrooms very quickly and it can be a big problem during winter when we close up our homes and reduce the breezy air flows that are welcomed at other times of the year.

Pet dander

The second problem in winter is that we tend to keep our dogs and cats inside for longer periods of time, due to the weather, and particularly at night. This increases our exposure to pet dander which can be a problem for many people. Therefore, you might need to be even more vigilant during the winter months.

As far as the mould is concerned, it’s easily kept down in your kitchens and bathrooms by regular cleaning with disinfectant. For your pets, it’s best if they are kept out of the bedrooms at night. Give them a regular weekly bath and vacuum your home as much as necessary to reduce these allergens.

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