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Carpet and rug cleaning

Cheap carpet cleaners – How to tell the good from the bad

Metro Carpet Cleaning Sydney has always focused on delivering a high end carpet cleaning service at an affordable price for customers who can't always afford the so called 'deluxe service' offered by many carpet cleaning companies around Sydney.

Thinking of using a "DIY" supermarket carpet cleaning machine?

Obviously acquiring the services of a technician or tradesman these days is an expensive task even when you need the most basic job done at your home or office. You have a call out fee for starters followed by the associated cost of the actual job itself. Nine times out of ten you're sitting down when they finally give you the price for the completed job and ten out of ten times you fall off your chair when you hear it or they give you a "foot in the door" price and then charge for unnecessary extras.

3 Tips when cleaning your house rugs

It's important to know how to clean and maintain rugs. They are, after all, most often expensive and are considered investments. The treatment and care of rugs are different in a lot of ways from that of cleaning carpeting, since rugs are removable and may be moved from where they are positioned – unlike carpets.

How to protect your carpets from getting stains

Carpeting is beautiful – but only you are able to keep it clean and pristine. It's not going to be as easy as sweeping away dirt and dust from a hardwood floor – everyone who walks on it must adapt everyday rituals and habits which will altogether help in keeping your carpets clean.

Be wary of bait and switch carpet cleaning operators

The overwhelming majority of professional carpet cleaners are respectable and legitimate businesses that will provide high quality carpet care at a reasonable price. As with every type of business, there are always a few unscrupulous business operators that will look to take advantage of the average homeowner and can ruin it for all of the other legitimate service providers.

How to remove stains from your carpet

No matter how clean you keep your home, old carpets accumulate stains and appear dingy. Regular cleaning brightens the carpet and removes the stains. While many carpet cleaning solutions and stain removers contain harsh chemicals and emit strong odors, a few common household products can clean your carpets effectively.

5 Tips on removing water damage from your carpet

Water damage to your carpets is an inevitable result of a flood or fire in your home. The carpet fibers and its pad underneath can absorb an incredible amount of liquid, which can easily and quickly develop into mold, mildew, spores, fungi, or other potentially dangerous materials.

5 Tips when cleaning your carpets

Regular carpet cleaning is important to the health of your house. Carpets can hide lots of allergens, pet fur and dirt. By the time the surface begins to look dirty, you know you that you have to deal with a lot of hidden dirt. And the longer you postpone the cleaning of your carpets, the dirtier it gets – thus exposing everyone in your home to more germs and possible respiratory illnesses.

Red wine stain removal

To stop any permanent irreversible colour or dye damage from happening when you do have a spill on your carpet. One of the most common is of course, red wine. Usually when we come across red wine stains they come in two different forms, either a large spill (from the bottle) or a small spill (from the glass).

3 Things to do if your carpet has water damage

When carpets get damaged in water for several hours, woven fibers also get detached from the polyurethane backing. Because of this, it leaves no good alternative other than changing it. However, not all carpets damaged by water are severely affected. Many times only little amount of water has dropped. So cleaning, sanitizing, and drying will help homemakers in making choices. They do it when challenged with issues about wet carpeting.

Carpet steam cleaning is a popular choice

Carpet steam cleaning is by far the popular choice of all carpet cleaning methods in Sydney. If done correctly it has a much better finished appearance than any other carpet cleaning method. It is particularly helpful for end of tenancy carpet steam cleaning, when a bond return is needed for end of lease and moving out.

Carpet cleaning basics

Carpet cleaning consisting of either hot water extraction, dry shampoo or steam cleaning should be a periodical addition to any home or commercial office cleaning schedule. Carpet cleaning in residential premises should be done at least once a year during the warmer months to increase drying time. Although a lot of Carpet Cleaning Sydney clientele have a dry carpet cleaning scheduled into their winter period to do an alternate carpet cleaning "up keep" so that their home carpets cleaned in Sydney are always in pristine condition.

Metro Carpet Cleaning systems explained

To define carpet cleaning in a nutshell, it is basically the removal of soiling. As carpet (being on the floor) acts as a filter for soils, gases, animal or human fluids, and a number of other materials, it is imperative that it should be cleaned to have and maintain a healthy carpet. However, most clients call Metro Carpet Cleaning Sydney to clean their carpet due to its overall appearance or for cosmetic reasons, rather than for health considerations.

Why we need carpet cleaning services

Carpet is one of the most expensive and most used investments we make in our homes. We choose our carpet with care, paying close attention to colour, texture and style. Sometimes we purchase our carpet with a future home sale in mind. Professional cleaning and care add value to the home while protecting the integrity of the carpet.

Reliable and professional carpet cleaning will help your budget

Whether you need to hire a commercial carpet cleaning service or you need to have carpet cleaning done in your home, it is essential to make sure you are hiring the best carpet cleaners. The fact is that one wrong move could ruin your carpets. Therefore, get started by asking other businesses who takes care of their office carpet cleaning and ask for recommendations.

Quick solutions for dirty carpets in your office

Could dirty office carpets be costing you money? If your cleaning service skimps on carpet care, they might be. While it may seem far-fetched, studies show that improperly maintained office carpets can contribute to absenteeism and decreased employee productivity.

Protection application on carpet and upholstery

Most modern carpet and upholstery are treated with a stain and dirt protector when they are new that can help them resist stains over time. Regular cleaning can help to keep your carpeting and upholstery looking new for a long time but can reduce the protection this stain resistant layer provides. The reason for this is that some of the more aggressive chemicals used to clean these surfaces can also work to break down this protective layer and leave the carpet fibers susceptible to dirt and stains.

Why you need to use a commercial carpet cleaner

Keeping your carpets clean and looking new takes a little work and a routine vacuum cleaning may not be enough to help you avoid having them looking worn over time. Even though a good vacuum cleaner will easily remove the dirt on the surface of a carpet, it can't reach down deep into the fibers to capture the dirt that that has collected there.

The necessity of professional carpet steam cleaners

Deep cleaning a carpet will keep it looking new and make it easier to clean as well. Over time the dirt that collects on the surface of a carpet will work its way down deeper into the fibers and is beyond the reach of a traditional vacuum. To remove this deep-set dirt you'll need to contact one of the many carpet steam cleaners in your area to do a deep cleaning on your carpet to eliminate this deep-set dirt and stains.

Different carpet cleaning methods

Hiring a carpet cleaner is something that most homeowners do about once a year to have their carpets deep cleaned. The majority of carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpets cleaned every 12 to 18 months to keep them in top shape. Daily vacuuming is your best defense against dirt buildup and stains as most soiling is loose, but even with regular vacuuming most carpets still need to have the deep-set dirt cleaned out to avoid damage.

Solving water damage carpeting problems

Carpeting can fall victim to water damage for a wide variety of reasons and there are a few things you can do to save a carpet that has been exposed to water.

The type of treatment a carpet that has suffered water damage may need depends on the type of water it was exposed to, and the length of exposure. The most common types of water damage are usually noticed very quickly and the carpets can be saved if the water is clean and removed in a timely fashion.

The advantages of steam cleaning your carpet

Steam cleaning has been available for years and does an amazing job of deep carpet cleaning. If done right, steam cleaning can remove most deep-seated dirt, dust mites, surface oils and other allergens from your carpet and leave it looking great.

Leather and upholstery cleaning

Tips on how to clean your leather lounges

There is nothing quite like the look and feel of a leather lounge. It's soft, tough and comfortable, with a reflective glow that sets the tone for any room.

The hallmark of genuine leather is it's natural markings and imperfections – grain wrinkles, stretch marks and closed scars are also typical characteristics of leather, the result of age, movement and comfortable wear.

Tips on how to remove stains from your couch

There is nothing worse than to see a stain on the beautiful and expensive sofa –especially if it is a food stain that can sometimes be very difficult to get out. There are plenty of ready-made furniture cleaners that you can find in the stores. The problem that many have with these cleaners is that they can be very harsh, and shorten the life of the fabric. That is why many are now trying to come up with their own cleaning solutions. There are plenty of ways to remove stains from your sofa. Below you will find a few ideas and suggestions.

Leather upholstery & garment cleaning tips

Cleaning leather, whether it's a leather garment or leather upholstery is a very specialized procedure and great care has to be taken to avoid damaging the delicate material. Many commercial cleaners claim to be able to clean any stain or blemish off of a section of leather and may actually do more harm than good, especially if used improperly.

The necessity of experienced upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is a specialty that many carpet cleaning companies can handle for you. There are several methods of upholstery cleaning and which one is used to treat a particular stain is largely dependent on the type of stain and the material being cleaned. The two basic methods of upholstery cleaning are either wet or dry and both of them can be used with great success if done correctly.

5 Ways to remove dirt and grime from your couches.

No matter how beautiful your house, office or den is, if you have filthy, dirty and grimy couches, you will undoubtedly turn off anyone who sees it. Imagine having a guest get off your couch, and then find himself dusting off crumbs and pet hair? That would be embarrassing!

Here are some tips on how to remove dirt and grime from your couches.

Mould removal

How to remove mould from your curtains and blinds

Mould is not only unsightly, it is also harmful to your health. Yet, no matter how careful a homeowner is, it is almost impossible to completely avoid it. When heat from the sun comes in contact with cooler surfaces, like moist environments or cold temperatures, this becomes the ideal habitat for mould.

How to remove mould from your house

An ounce of prevention is worth of a pound of cure when you need to control mold. By making it difficult for mold to thrive, you can greatly reduce how much is in your house, and you should remove the fungus as soon as it starts to show. Do not give mold a chance to gain a foothold, as it can spread spores all over the house, resulting in a mouldy nightmare.

Dust mites and allergen removal

How to keep your carpet free of dust mites and bugs

House dust mites are microscope bugs that primarily feed on dead skin cells regularly shed from humans and their animal pets. Dust mites are generally harmless to most people. They don't carry diseases, but they can cause allergic reactions in asthmatics and others who are allergic to their faeces.

How to remove allergens from your house

Allergens can easily be tossed off the sofa, out of the kitchen, and away from your bathroom by allergy-proofing your home. A vital part of any allergy-treatment program, allergy-proofing the home takes some effort and time. But once you develop routines, implement housecleaning strategies, reduce allergens, and stick to a goal, you can breathe a sigh of relief…without sneezing, sniffling, or wheezing.

How to remove dust mites from your home

House dust mites are found in most homes. They are microscopic, eight-legged creatures closely associated with us, but they are not parasitic and do not bite. They don't burrow under the skin, like scabies mites or live in skin follicles, like skin follicle mites.

How to remove dust mites from your home #2

Use the proper encasings. Bedding is the favorite home of the dust mite. This being the case, you should encase your bedding and pillows with impermeable rubber or vinyl plastic wrappings.Use allergen-proof bed covers.Cover your mattress and pillows in dustproof or allergen-blocking covers. These covers, made of tightly woven fabric, prevent dust mites from colonizing or escaping from the mattress or pillows. Encase box springs in allergen-proof covers.

How to remove dust mites from your carpet

The carpets on our floors are a perfect environment for collecting dust mites and other common household allergens. Dust, pollen, dirt, crumbs, and other debris fall onto the floor and are caught in the fibers of the carpet. Since dust mites feed on shed human skin (a major component of household dust) carpeting provides a banquet table set for a feast for dust mites.

Tile cleaning

How to remove dirt and grime from your tiles

Are you tired of taking a shower, feeling fresh and clean, only to step onto grimy looking tile floors? Do you keep postponing that dinner party because your kitchen floor looks dingy and dirty. Ceramic tiles are a stunning addition to any home and bring a touch of class to the decor. However, ugly stains and discoloration of the tile grout can quickly spoil the welcoming ambience.

Tips on how to clean your tiles and grout

Tiles are one of the most common materials used in many homes for flooring, shower enclosures and kitchen backsplashes. It provides a very durable surface that can be cleaned easily and will retain its luster and color for many years if maintained properly. The challenge with most tile installations is that even though the tile itself is very durable, the grout used in the spaces between the tiles is very porous and can allow dirt and grease to collect in its pores. Over time this will discolor the grout and can really turn a beautiful tile surface into an eyesore.

Wooden floors

3 Ways to polish your wooden floors

What's not to love about the simple elegance and beauty of a hardwood floor? Polishing that beautiful hardwood floor to revive the shine and glow requires some elbow grease and a little bit of time, but the end result will be worth it.

Here are 3 different ways to keep your hardwood floors looking shiny and attractive.