Why You Need To Use a Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Why You Need To Use a Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Keeping your carpets clean and looking new can take some work. A routine vacuum may not be enough! Even though a basic vacuum cleaner will remove dirt from the surface of the carpet. It can’t reach down deep into the fibres to remove the dirt that has been collected there over time.

The danger with this deep-set dirt is that it can damage the fibres of the carpet and cause premature wear.

The only way this deep-seated dirt can be removed is by commercial carpet cleaning. You should get your office carpets commercially cleaned on a regular basis to protect your investment.

Some basic tips to help keep your office carpets in good shape

  1. The first step is to vacuum your carpets as often as possible. This will help protect it from excessive wear.
  2. By vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis. Or after a period of high traffic like a party, you are able to remove most of the dirt at the surface. Hence prevent the dirt from working its way down into the fibres.
  3. Try to vary the pattern that you vacuum the carpet so you don’t create specific wear patterns.
  4. If you always use the same path you will actually train the fibres to lay down in a certain direction. And the pile of the carpet will look matted as a result.
  5. By starting from a different place in the room when you vacuum, helps agitate the carpet to avoid wearing it down.
  6. It will also expose a different side of the fibre to ensure you remove most of the dirt.
  7. Another good idea is to change the bag in the vacuum when it is about half full. This will avoid blowing the dirt you have already collected back onto the carpet.
  8. Also, because the air from the vacuum has to pass through the bag, the fuller it gets, the lower the power of the vacuum.

Benefits of using a commercial carpet cleaner

Having your office carpets cleaned professionally a few times a year will remove the deep-set dirt that you can’t reach with normal vacuuming.

Carpet cleaning experts like us, are able to use a combination of techniques to ensure your carpets will be deep cleaned. Therefore will last longer as a result.

Experts in stain removal

Commercial carpet cleaners are also experts in stain removal and can usually extract any stain. This is usually included as part of the job.

Steam cleaning machine

The main tool most commercial carpet cleaners use to thoroughly clean your carpets is a steam-cleaning machine.

This type of machine uses very hot water that is forced deep into the carpet at high pressure. Then immediately vacuumed up.

The combination of the high pressure of the water and the high heat helps to break the adhesive bond that holds most dirt and stains to the carpet fibres. Once this bond is temporarily broken, the water and the dirt are extracted by a powerful vacuum.

What about cleaning products?

If the carpet is particularly dirty or stained, a cleaning agent may also be used as part of the cleaning solution.

How to prepare for a commercial carpet cleaning

Try and remove as much of the furniture from the room as possible. If there are heavy items in the room, the commercial cleaning company may move them for you. Or temporarily move them to another spot in the same room.

Carpet safety precautions

If any furniture is left in the room after the job is completed. Generally, a small piece of wax paper will be placed under any legs that touch the carpet.

Even though the vacuum removes most of the water, the carpet will be slightly damp for up to 24 hours. The moisture can affect the stain on the furniture and cause it to damage the carpet. So the wax paper just helps prevent any stains leaking onto the carpet.

Ask for stain removal

If you have particular areas that are dirtier than others or any specific concerns about stains be sure to point these out to the commercial carpet cleaner before they start. They may choose to treat these areas with a stain removal solution beforehand, to help lift these stains and dirt.

Clean office furniture/upholstery

Most commercial carpet cleaning companies also clean upholstery. Including; leather furniture and curtains.

So, if you’re booking an appointment and need any of these items cleaned be sure to mention it. As they may offer a discount if they do everything at the same time.

For professional commercial carpet cleaner, call us on 1300 300 243 or ask for a free quote today.

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