Easy carpet cleaning tips for pet owners

Easy carpet cleaning tips for pet owners

Anyone who owns cats or dogs will know how difficult it is to remove stains and odours from their carpets.

Vacuuming isn’t enough and it can be embarrassing when someone mentions the pet odours in your home. Relatives are good at this!

So what can you do to keep your home sweet smelling, despite the best efforts of your furry friends?

1.Wash pet bedding at least every two weeks

If you get up close and personal with your pet’s bedding! You will understand why this is the number one cause of pet smells in your home. Thus, make a habit of throwing their bedding in the washing machine every two weeks. And if it can’t be washed, throw it out and buy some that can!

2.Clean up puddles quickly

If your pet leaves little puddles around your home, you must be vigilant and clean them up quickly. Young and old pets can leave puddles anywhere, as can pets who are nervous or scared in storms. Blot urine with a clean towel to prevent it seeping into the pile of your carpet. Then clean the area with a cleaning product that doesn’t contain ammonia.
Read why – https://chemdrybloomington.com/cleaning-carpet-with-ammonia/

3.Clean old stains

The best way to clean urine stains that you haven’t noticed and are now dry, smelly and have left a stain on your carpet is with a half and half solution of white vinegar and warm water. Spray this solution onto the stain, scrub away the stain and let it dry. If you scatter baking soda over the cleaned stain once it has dried and vacuum it up, this should remove any lingering odours.

4.Change the filters on your air con

This is something that we usually forget to do at the best of time. But if you have pets, the filters can become clogged with pet odours and you will never have a nice smelling home. It doesn’t take long to change these filters and you will be glad you did!

5.Call the professionals

If you can’t get rid of the pet odours or stains in your carpet, even after following all these tips. It’s best to call in the professionals. We can use a special pet urine treatment that will leave your home smelling as fresh as a daisy!

Call us on 1300 300 243 or send us an email and ask us about our pet urine treatment today.

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