Ensuring You Use A Certified and Licensed Carpet Cleaning Company

Ensuring You Use A Certified and Licensed Carpet Cleaning Company

When choosing a carpet or upholstery cleaner, it is especially important to use a certified and licensed carpet cleaning company. That is; fully trained to take care of your carpeted flooring and soft furnishings.

Too many times we have seen carpets and fabrics damaged, flooded, bleached. And even shrunken after cleaning by inexperienced and untrained cleaners.

There is no harm in asking for a carpet cleaners certifications or licences when they show up at your home.

Fibre identification

Fibre identification is crucial when assessing and planning the cleaning method. Which in turn determines the cleaning product that is required for each individual fibre that is assessed for treatment.

If an incorrect cleaning product is used, it can quite easily damage and even bleach a fabric or carpet after cleaning. Colour bleed or run can occur on some oriental or Persian rugs due to the natural vegetable dyes being affected by an overpowering cleaning agent.

Some cleaning agents can be too alkaline on some of the more delicate fibres. In particular Linen, Indian or Haitian cotton upholstery or soft furnishings.

Over-wetting carpet or fabric

When cleaning upholstered fabric, over saturation by means of using incorrect cleaning machinery or tools is another problem. That can cause irreversible damage to your soft furnishings, to the point where they need replacing. It is very important for a cleaning technician to understand the importance of drying times after cleaning. Which goes back to the requirement for them to understand the workings of the tools and machinery they use.

Cleaning instructions

Many cleaners take a “one size fits all” approach when cleaning a customers household flooring or furniture. Too lazy to bother reading an upholstered lounge cleaning instructions label or a customers brochure with cleaning instructions given to them by their carpet installer.

The reason why this problem occurs most of the time is due to straight out laziness on the part of the cleaner or in some cases, even more frightening, they just straight out haven’t got a clue!

It only takes a few moments for a cleaning technician to read a label with cleaning instructions, regardless of whether that label is on the fabric or fibres ready for cleaning or whether it is on the bottle of the cleaning agent they are about to use to clean those fabrics.

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